Our English lessons are educational, creative and fun.

Lessons are suitable for Native English speakers 3.5 – 13 years.

Children learn in small groups, with highly trained teachers who will guide your child to achieve new skills and confidence in Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and Literary Appreciation while simultaneously nurturing critical thinking, creativity and teamwork.

Our curriculum develops language skills cumulatively through each level, giving children an opportunity to develop important language skills based around varied topics and themes such as, All About Me; Real Life versus Fantasy; Morals etc. The aim is not just to improve children’s skills in reading and writing, but also to give them the ability to communicate and improve their understanding of how language works.

All new children are required to have an evaluation assessment prior to entering English classes at CityKids. This ensures that each child is placed in a class at a level that’s appropriate to their ability and needs.




Suitable for ages 3-5

At the beginning of this level, children should have good basic oral skills, be able to understand and respond to simple instructions/questions.  They can follow a story that is read to them. They should also be able to ask /answer simple questions. Children might have some knowledge of the alphabet or none at all. This includes both writing and recognizing the letters and their sounds. Children might be able to write their names.​


Suitable for ages 5-7

At the beginning of this level, children should have good oral skills; be able to confidently construct simple sentences and ideas. They should be able to stay on topic when speaking, use some descriptive language and ask questions to clarify meaning. They should be familiar with all letter sounds and some sound combinations (consonant and vowel digraphs) and be starting to blend these for reading purposes. They should be beginning to write simple words and sentences and have a small bank of common site words (me, we, the, is etc).


Suitable for ages 7-10

This is a broad assessment level and might take children some time to complete/fulfill all aspects.  At the beginning of this level, children should be beginning to or already reading fluently and be able to decode unknown words. They should show a deeper comprehension of what they’re reading and be able to recognize and understand key features of different text types. Children are expected to be able to write in full sentences and sometimes paragraphs to develop an idea/story. Orally, children should be able to articulate their ideas clearly and coherently with some sophisticated language.


Suitable for ages 10-13

This level further enriches students’ existing reading comprehension and teaches them some refined literary writing techniques such as news reporting, persuasive writing and story genres such as legends and suspense stories. Oral response, drama and presentations are encouraged throughout and extensive text analysis deepens children’s awareness of literary conventions of different text types.